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Concern Over Illegal Immigrants Carrying Diseases

(KFYI, Valerie Paraso) The wave of illegal immigrants coming to the United States from Central America could have devastating health consequences, according to an Arizona physician.

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vilet has practices in Tucson and Texas. She also works in Central and South America.  She says that children in those areas are much less likely to be vaccinated than those in the northern part of Mexico.

She says, "Carried by the tsunami of illegals are the invisible "travelers" our politicians don't like to mention: diseases the U.S. has controlled or virtually eradicated: tuberculosis (TB), Chagas disease, dengue fever, hepatitis, malaria, measles, plus more."

This year alone, more than 47,000 children have entered the country alone and the number could go as high as 90,000.      



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